“Ignudo” (detail) Sistine Chapel – Michelangelo
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The A Fresco Technique : A full-fledged Artistic Painting Technique


The A Fresco Painting Technique is getting more and more echoes through the modern world though nowadays the Fresco Artists are not that numerous anymore.

Art History also attests that the fresco technique of painting (Buon Fresco), which has been practiced all through the world, is one of the most ancient ones we know.

In India, The Ajanta Caves oldest parts are dated at 200BC, with fresco painted walls.


Detail of a Fresco in the Ajanta Caves (Padmapani, the lord of compassion)


In Crete some Frescoes are supposed to be dated at 1500BC !

However Fresco Painting could easily become an important contemporary Art expression field.


This page is dedicated to the Fresco Painters.

To all those magicians who have been able to create immortal master-works just by painting with water and colored earths on a simple lime mortar.

From the most well-known, Michelangelo,  Giotto, Masaccio, up to the anonymous artists who used to travel all through Italy,  to France or Nothern Europe, to Greece or to Near East as well.


Figure of Christ / Fresco Painting / San Michele Chapel / Castirla, Corsica – France
Anonymous Painter
source : Libres regards



Like pilgrims, those unknown Fresco Painters brought their knowledge with them all through Europe, as they used  to decorate the walls of  little chapels or monasteries, from Middle Ages to the most recent periods.

Our wish is to pay tribute to all of those unknown artists too!



Contemporary Fresco Paintings and Modern Times

the A Fresco Painting in the 21st Century




Mural painting, board painting, a very few artists still put into practice the Traditional Fresco Techniques.

Marble Powder, Calcic Lime, Pigments.!

 Just the same way the ancient masters of the “a fresco” did, but with Modern Artistic Purposes !

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Fresco Painter

  Hazló, Fresco Painter – 2017